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QUICK 5 MINUTE TREATMENTS NO INJECTIONS REQUIRED NO DOWN TIME For over 50 years, Zimmer MedizinSysteme (our parent company in Germany) has been one of the most distinctive system solutions providers in the field of physical medicine. Research and development are high priorities. Each of our medical products is developed with highly scientific and practice-oriented criteria. Therefore both, scientific studies and practical experience benefit our users. Soft tissue pain effects millions of people every day. For some people, this pain is a nuisance. But for many, it is physically debilitating, reducing their quality of life and limiting their ability to enjoy activities with family and friends. How does it work? The enPuls device delivers mechanical energy to the target tissue. The energy will treat area soft tissue pain, increase the circulation and also improve tissue tone. Most common areas of treatment include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and many other areas.

Will I experience pain during treatment? Radial Shockwave Therapy creates a mechanical stress that may cause mild discomfort during treatment. Depending on the desired depth of penetration, varying amounts of energy may be utilized to create the desired effects. Some soreness may be experienced post treatment.  How soon can I expect pain relief after the treatment? Most patients report some pain relief after the first treatment. However, the effects are most prominent after the second or third treatment. Your clinician will be able to help you through this process. Patients respond differently, based on their condition. Can I continue normal physical exercise or playing sports after the Radial Shockwave Therapy? Physical exercise promotes metabolism and the restructuring processes in the tissue. You may continue your physical activities within the guidelines set by your healthcare provider.

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